Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Dazed and Confused is Not Cool

New York City Watcher at A Pile of Dog Bones posted an interesting analysis of 25 of his Rent My Blog campaigns. In an excellent assessment, NYC Watcher proceeded to break down landlords as Royal Hosts, Landlords and Slumlords based upon his formula:
So here is how people will be analyzed. They are getting $.25 per blog entry, $.01 per unique click, and an additional $.005 for the difference between clicks and unique clicks. That will be compared to the number of credits paid out translated to $.01 per credit...
I am in awe of his determination to break down the rental process into pure mathematics. I started to calculate my ROI and did not need the calculator to figure out that I had been taken for a ride by many of my landlords.

What really surprised me was not my landlords, but my lack thereof. Last month, I began to bid for rent space on Blog Explosion blogs. Below are my bidding results.
  • 18 Blog Explosion Bloggers accepted one of my blogs
  • 81 Blog Explosion bloggers either denied one of my blogs or allowed the offer to expire
  • 18 percent of my bids were accepted
  • 88 percent of my bids were not accepted
I also quickly realized that people I had rented blog space to in the past had refused to share space with me. This I do not understand. I think I am a good landlord.

My blogs--Texas RV Travel, CoolAdzine for Marketers and Advertising for Success--are syndicated and their content published. I have several email subscribers and each of my feeds are retrieved about 80-100 times a day at Feedburner by various feed readers.

So, I have no explanation for what I have experienced. Any comments?


JB said...

maybe those blogs that refused to rent out to you thought your blog--regardless of how many subscribers you have--somehow didn't fit with their blog's theme. they might be having trouble how to figure you out. birds of a feather flock together, after all.

Napfisk said...

I just don't get this renting thing. What does it do (exept for earning someone a few cents)?

More importantly, though: why rent a blog or rent it out?

CyberCelt said...

JB - you are right. I tend to go full tilt boogie in everything I do. I did submit bids that had nothing to do with advertising and the Internet. I appreciate your candor and insight.

napfisk - You can surf and earn the credits to pay for blog rent (small thumbnail on another blog) at Blog Explosion. If your landlord likes your blog and writes a post about it, their readers visit your blog. It is a unique way to extend your readership and build community.

Thank you both for your comments. I needed some perspective.

God bless you both.


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