Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Interactive Advertising

In April I wrote a blog post about Neil Young and his new album. You may view it on Texas RV Travel if you wish.

Visit neilyoung.com today and you will view a changed site. When you arrive at Neil's Garage, a home page featuring a truly fine old Cadillac, you might be stumped as to what to do next. Then letters scroll across the bottom of the page: Click on the License to Visit Living With War. Place the cursor over the license and view it change to the hand that signifies a link. Now explore the car, clicking on the hood ornament, Cadillac emblem, headlights, fog lights, sideview mirror and one more... Can you find it?

This type of interactive navigation is similar to that used on the Cartoon Network advertising sales site, highlighted in the June 29 post, The future is here ... the 'toons did it. While this website adresses a more serious subject than advertising on the Cartoon Network, explore the site and experience true viewer engagement--what the web could be if we add virtual tours and interactivity to our sites.

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Janet said...

Thanks so much for bidding and ACTUALLY commenting on the blog! You've also given me some more reading material. You are truly a blogger after my own heart. :)

I'm sorry I couldn't accept the bid this week- it was a tough one!:(


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