Monday, September 18, 2006

Win Great New Fall Blog Makeover

Bluebird Blogs is holding a contest! Win a fall makeover for your Blogger blog. This week is the time to enter:

- Send an email with your name and blog address to bluebirdblogs at gmail dot com
- Entries will be accepted from 7:00pm EST on Thursday 9/14/06 until 11:59pm EST on Friday 9/22/06.

Visit the blog and check out her neat designs. Wooo, boy, I hope I win one. The problem is, which blog should I redo? This blog? Advertising For Success or Texas RV Travel? Let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

I think if you decide to do a make over at all (since all you rlayouts are pretty nice), go for the Texav RV travel one.
And maybe I will participate in teh contest too and having just one blog, it wont ne atough decison for me to choose which one to make over.:)

Anonymous said...

What kinda makeup y'all gon' use? I hate that Mary Kay stuff, Avon or Lorie's Ale is OK I reckon.

oh heck, i dont need no makeover noways, i too perty. Nevermind. lemme know if'n ya need some advice or home-canned pickled okra


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