Saturday, August 26, 2006

Apogee Search SEO Glossary

Apogee Search Marketing Glossary is a great resource. If you have ever been befuddled by search engine optimization jargon and wanted one site you could bookmark that contains an SEO Glossary of the terms used in Search Engine Marketing industry, this is it . . . Apogee Search Marketing Glossary.

I really liked the one-click interface to find out the meaning of a search optimization terms, from Alexa to Google Analytics to Long Tail Keywords to Page Rank Leakage to ROI to SEO Copywriting to Taguchi to Yahoo Match Driver ...

Do you know what Google bomb means? Can you write an AdWords Haiku? Define a flog. What is Black Hat SEO and how is it different from White Hat SEO? Which will lead to the Google Death Penalty? If you have questions on the terms, and they are not just limited to SEO terms, Apogee Search Marketing Glossary will help you. Bookmark this page today: SEO Glossary

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Anonymous said...

That's a useful info.

Meira{FB} said...

All sounds like greek to me! I'm out clicking and commenting for monday early! I have to work tomorrow!

You don't have a renter, so I'll visit on of your links in your sidebar!

Happy Monday!


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