Thursday, April 12, 2012

Free SEO Analysis is the Answer

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process by which your website is researched, written and rewritten, organized and optimized so that it is visible to major search engines. The search engines send out automated programs, called bots or web crawlers, to index websites, blogs and social networks. The use of bots and crawlers are how your site is discovered by the major search engines.

If your content is good, navigation is crawlable and your keywords correctly used, your website will be found because of the organic value of your work. I hope that your website will be included on the first search engine results page (SERP). The first page of search results is the most valuable real estate on the Internet.

Now, if you wish to optimize your website by yourself. You should start with a "how-to" book so that you do not skip any important parts, such as alt tags on photographs, correct use of flash and JavaScript and keyword research to find the keywords that describe your goods or services. These keywords should be targeted to specific pages of your website. On that page, the keyword must be used, but you can overdo it, which is called spamming keywords.

There are several sites where you may conduct keyword research free. Google, Wordtracker and SEOmoz are just a few examples. When you have written your content, targeted your key words, there is still one last step. Find a website where you may request a free seo analysis. Many professional SEO firms offer free SEO analysis. This analysis will point out the errors or omissions you have made and include a sales pitch for the SEO firm's services.

If you can afford it, use a professional SEO firm for all your website work. At the beginning, they can help you with keyword selection to keep you from making costly mistakes if you intend to use pay per click (PPC) to assist your search engine marketing (SEM). The SEO firm will optimize your content, add titles and Meta tags and submit your sites to search engines.

SEO is a complicated task and there are no shortcuts.In the past two months, Google has made 4 major algorithm changes and 180 minor updates to their search engine. It takes someone working full-time to keep up with all the modifications and to see the overall picture of SEO.


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