Saturday, June 3, 2006

Quick Cuts from Media Daily News

Media Daily News : Section 3 : Out to Launch

Coors : Targeting Gay and Lesbian
Beer Drinkers

Coors Brewing Company has launched a series of seven print ads targeting the gay/lesbian market and using Now's The Time and Taste the Cool taglines. Ads are running nationally and in 13 regional markets in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas in publications such as Chicago Free Press, Dallas Voice, Gay and Lesbian Times, IN Los Angeles, Just Out, Lavender Magazine, New York Blade, and Out Front.

View PDF of print ads here.

Identity Theft Scares You

CitiBank Identity Theft Solutions features "Darrel," a bald man sitting on his weight bench, bewitched with the voice of an 18-year-old girl. He starts out by saying, "I stole his password online and 'Hello, makeover!' I got hair extensions, plumped up the lips and snapped the hottest head shots. Hollywood, here I come! Tell me what you think." Then comes the off-key rendition of "Unbreak My Heart."

Click here to watch Darrel

Australia : Effective Advertising

Two 30-second spots and one 60-second ad shows Australians telling viewers that:
  • we've saved you a spot on the beach,
  • we've got the sharks out of the pool,
  • we've got the roos off the green,
So Where The Bloody Hell Are You?

Do You Get It?

The Austin American-Statesman launched a TV campaign called Get it! that asks viewers how often they get it (the newspaper). Full of innuendo, the campaign is clean and funny.

Click here to watch the ads

Where's Did the Purple Go?
The annual Newport Beach Film Festival screens 350 independent and studio films. Drama features a talking rainbow seeking the purple that has been stolen.

The spot ends with purple breakdancing on the beach and the rainbow yelling "Oh hell, no."

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