Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rich Media Debuts on Google

Currently, Google AdSense publishers may choose to display advertising links only, or to display contextual advertising and/or graphic images. Choices for publishers are going to become more complex. Google is making a foray into the realm of rich media with a limited beta test of interstitials, expanding ads and floating ads.

Now every free web page (sans content) may look like an escapee from a paid to promote program, complete with flashing banners, fly/float/slide/slip in ads, popups and popunders. I have a feeling I will be very happy to have a high-speed Internet connection, so that I may speed through the advertising mine field.

Any innovation in advertising will eventually translate to more revenue for publishers and more free services like TV, music and gaming downloads for Internet users. This is a good thing.

The downside? Media measurement gurus will now have to conduct studies to determine the rich media format that is the most effective. The guineau pigs? You and me. Get ready for some framebreakers on your favorite traffic exchaanage and some x-rated oops ads on your site.

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