Tuesday, July 26, 2005

ICE : In Case of Emergency PSA

Mobile phone users are being urged to enter a number in their phone's memory with the acronym ICE, for In Case of Emergency, with the contact person's name and number.

CBS news story on ICE

Paramedics or police would be able to swiftly to find the number and use it to reach a relative or friend who could help identify deceased victims and treat injured ones, by providing vital personal information, including details of any medical conditions.

The campaign was launched in May this year, but had limited impact until the first series of London blasts. Those explosions rendered many victims unidentifiable, which sparked an e-mail campaign to spread the ICE idea around the world.

ICE web site

Do it TODAY!

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WarpedTourMom said...

What a really great idea! I never heard about this until I saw your post. I'll put a post up on it as well - everyone should spread the word. Thanks!


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