Saturday, June 27, 2009

SEO, Page Rank and PR Sculpting

First there was an insider's post by Barry Schwartz, who attended Search Marketing Expo - SMX Advanced.

June 3 : Barry Schwartz : Search Engine Roundtable : NoFollow To Cause Revolt: Wasted PageRank via Sculpting & JavaScript Links Require NoFollow

Next, we have Philipp's post, who basically passed on the information from Barry's post.

June 8 : Philipp Lenssen : : Wasted PageRank Sculpting, and JavaScript Links Needing Nofollow

On the same day we have a summary post by that adds some useful information.

June 8 : Rene LeMerle : ineedhits : Google’s Changes to Nofollow Management Undermine PageRank Sculpting

A week later, the official explanation appeared here June 15 : Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO : PageRank sculpting. Rather than enlightening us, Matt gave us yet another SEO term to befuddle us: Page Rank Sculpting.

Now, I tried to read and understand this post, because I wanted to be able to pass on some useful information. However, when Matt wrote, "PageRank corresponds to the principal eigenvector of that normalized link matrix." What? AAUUUGGGHHHH!

Ten years ago, I first heard the term, search engine optimization (SEO) from a Yahoo! guru at a conference. The big thing back then was to do away with frames, add meaningful title and metatags.

Today, I am a "do follow" blogger and the only links I am not following are the ones above in this article. So what should you do? I am heading over to check the blog of my favorite SEO guru, Andy Beard.

Andy Beard : PageRank Sculpting Isn’t Dead But Comments Can Kill Your PageRank

As usual, Andy has covered the topic and has links to current information. If he can simplify the issue, he will. It is not his fault that I am still confused . . .


Andy Beard said...

I am going to be quite honest... in many ways I am still confused on this.

Sandy said...

Please excuse my commenting here unrelated to your above post (will pop back for that).

Overhauled (sweating bullets cause I'm tech savy), blog and really need some feedback.

Could you take a look see.
Thanks bunches

SEO Expert said...


G8t Info

Thanks for updating us

CyberCelt said...

@andy-Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your candor. This SEO business is becoming too complex for me.

@sandy-sent you an email.

@seo-followed you to your blog.

Lyndi said...

You think you are confused, I was left at the starting gate on this entire issue. Google said 'no-follow', we all did this. Then we were told that 'do-follow' is the nice thing to do, many of us did this. Now this whole lot comes along.

What do these guys want from us? Do they want us to close our comments and sit and blog in our own little world?

I have never been one to follow the so-called 'safe' route. My site will remain 'do-follow' and everything that happens because of that will just have to happen.

Øyvind said...

I think I am going to let the PR flow. :) Its too advanced for me to work with. But I'm very curious of what Google say about nofollow, I should check up on that.

I have problems getting time to post, so no SEO for me. :D

Laura said...

I wish you had explained your topic in your post. I didn't click the links you added. Just came here to read your post.

Andy Beard said...

For anyone running WordPress this modified version of Lucia's Linky Love solves all the problems.

John said...

I've read Andy's article a couple of times, but I'm still confused about what I ought to be doing. Normally I leave internal and external links on static websites as dofollow, links in blog posts as dofollow and links in blog comments as nofollow.

I guess I'll wait a few weeks until the situation is understood better.

CyberCelt said...

@lindi-I follow and if that means I spread page rank, so be it. I have seen my blogs go from PR5 and PR4 to non-ranked to zero PR and back again. G@@gle doesn't rule my blogs.

Øyvind-Me, too. I quit paid posting, so I really do not care.

@laura-Sorry that my post does not please you. Thanks for stopping by.

@andy-Thanks for the tip.

Mar Matthias Darin said...

Interesting article. This should prove interesting now that Google has ripped their page rank out of WebMaster Tools.

The do follow and no follow bit is a bit of rubbish IMHO. I have a do follow blog and have had nothing but good results from it.

I tend to believe the best methods are based around the content that is posted and never change to fit the latest fade or craze of the search engine loons...

Anonymous said...

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