Saturday, April 21, 2007

Music to Our Ears

In 2006:
  • total music sales slipped $624 million, despite a $1 billion increase in online sales from 2005;
  • online music adoption grew 93 percent during same period;
  • retail music sales totaled about $18 billion globally, down 8 percent;
  • digital music sales were $1.2 billion and mobile audio sales were about $850 million;
  • online music represents roughly 7 percent of total music sales (CDs, paid music downloads, and online music subscriptions), up from 3 percent in 2005;
  • approximately 582 million songs were downloaded, up 65 percent; and,
  • 54 songs sold more than 500,000 digital copies (went Gold) and 11 albums sold more than 100,000 downloads; compare this to 22 songs and three albums in 2005.
So far in 2007, digital song sales have risen 54 percent, while album sales, whether physical or digital, dropped more than 16 percent.

Note: this figures do not count ring tones as music.

Source: Nielsen Soundscan, Maxim Group LLC.


Jess said...

This shows how the internet/downloads are skyrocketing. Album sales are decreasing because a lot of people have iTunes or are just downloading songs. I'm not one bit surprised.

Karen said...

Considering how much music my kids download, I am not surprised at these numbers.

CyberCelt said...

@jess-I am still stuck in the album/ cassette/CD phase. I am afraid to start another mode of music.

@karen-Do your kids pay for the music? I know there is a lot of free music on the indie sites.

Happy Earth Day, y'all.

Jess said...

Happy Earth Day to you too! :)

Jon lee said...

With mp3 ringtones these days, I think they should count as part of music sales! They're pretty much full songs!

Sir Jorge said...

Music hasn't exactly been thrilling lately anyways.

CyberCelt said...

@jon lee-I agree that they sound like entire songs.

@sir jorge-Its a shame that music is not keeping up with the technology. I expected music to be very different by now. Instead, the songs I grew up with are being remade. If I hear the Stones as elevator music, I will lose my mind.


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