Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Do You Love to Shop? Pricepirates is for YOU!

Pricepirates is a FREE handy price comparison tool that enables you to compare prices of items listed in eBay with online stores (via Shopping.com and Amazon Marketplace). Pricepirates allows you to find the best deal AND to track and manage your results. Pricepirates is compatible with US and international eBay sites.
Freeware! No spyware, no ads, no popups!
Receive free support via web site and email.
Pricepirates provides support for searching with advanced eBay options, storing favorite searches, and managing email notifications. All these functions are available in an easy-to-use tabbed interface that allows you to quickly switch between the items that you are comparing. Pricepirates may just be the best price comparison tool I have used.

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