Sunday, March 4, 2007

Do You Need a Dedicated or Colocated Server?

I have been looking for one solution for my two websites and four blogs. The blogs are currently on Blogspot (Google) and hosting is free. However, I would like more control over the design and functionality of my blogs. I am also not happy with my current web host provider, who will remain nameless, for my two websites. They keep changing servers and I lose uptime each time they do. The only reason I stay is that my websites are uploaded and they work. It is the easy path. LOL

There are about four choices today for web hosting. In a shared server environment, the web hosting company owns and manages the server, upgrades, maintenance and support. You pay a set amount per month, with extra charges for options you may choose, like extra bandwidth or storage, extensions or security certificates. Virtual hosting is a method that web hosting companies use to host more than one domain name on the same computer, sometime with the same IP.

In a dedicated server environment, the web hosting company also owns the server, but only your website(s) or blog(s) is/are hosted on the dedicated server. Usually there are no additional charges, just a flat rate per month or quarter.

If you want complete control of your server configuration, you will need a colocated environment, where you own the server. If you do not have a server, most web hosting companies will build a server to your specifications or you may find them online. There are usually two costs associated with colocated servers, rental fees and connection fees.

Choose Hosted Solutions, with a data center like the Colocation Data Center Charlotte, who provide their customers with the best managed hosting experience. Hosted Solutions operates four Data Centers in three key markets, all interconnected by a fully redundant private network built to ensure 100 percent connectivity.

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