Saturday, November 10, 2012

Generation X Remain Positive on Economy

According to SymphonyIRI’s Q3 2012 MarketPulse study, Generation X generally has a positive outlook on the economy, but are more frugal than baby boomers and seniors.

Susan Viamari, editor of Times and Trends, SymphonyIRI, says
. . . sandwiched between baby boomers and Millennials, Gen-Xers are aged 35 to 44... sometimes referred to as the ignored generation. and their spending power should not be overlooked by CPG retailers and manufacturers...Gen-Xers were graduating from college and ...entering the adult world after the 1987 stock market crash and the recession that followed... nuch like The Great Recession has influenced Millennials.

  • 24% think their financial situation has improved during the last 12 months, and 37% feel their finances will improve during the coming year.
  • 37% buy brands that are on sale rather than their preferred brands
  • 32% select products to create more meals at the lowest cost possible
  • 33% choose products based on loyalty card discounts
  • 20% steer clear of certain aisles to avoid unplanned purchases
Gen-Xers also do their homework before heading to the store:
  • 69% make shopping lists and use a variety of tools in their list-making process
  • 49% review circulars,
  • 48% use coupons,
  • 14% leverage the Internet, and
  • 10% refer to a retailer’s website.
Generation X is more “wired” than boomers and seniors when it comes to CPG-related behaviors:
  • 55% of Gen-Xers download recipes off websites and other online sources
  • 52% download coupons from manufacturer websites
  • 51% download coupons from retailer websites
  • 51% download coupons from couponing sites
  • 38% research products online
  • 35% visit deal sites
  • 31% use social media sites to get coupons
  • 23% look for updates from retailers/manufacturers via email/text message
  • 18% research products on blogs
  • 7% purchase groceries online and have them delivered
For additional information from SymphonyIRI, please visit here.


Ramesh Patil said...

Very well explain about the Genertation X, The technology has made huge changes in consumer behavior he has more power to researches on the product before he make the actual purchase.

Ary_Putra said...

I love the info you present. thank you for sharing here. I will re-open your web page to make sure there are some latest info. thank you


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