Friday, April 19, 2013

Note to Readers

Due to illness, this blog is not currently being updated.  Please feel free to search for articles of interest or to read older post.  Thank you for reading my blog all these years and I hope to be back up on my feet soon. Blessings, prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated.

Eileen aka CyberCelt

Monday, December 17, 2012

Integrate TV, Social and Search

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CMO Evan Greene of The Recording Academy (producer of the Grammy Awards) will join present a panel at the Search Insider Summit. The topic will be the integration of television, social and search. According to Mr. Greene:

2013 will bring the explosion of content that connects broadcast, offline marketing and online video. Streamed video content will become one of the biggest drivers, leading to conversions from Web sites to search results to social pages in sites like Facebook and Twitter -- not just for national brands, but small local mom and pop stores too. Technology will make it affordable and easier to generate return on investments to produce it.


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