Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Email Use and Search Engine Usage Linked

According to Majestic Research via Red Herring, Internet users are developing brand loyalties. Users of certain email services--such as Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN--are more likely to use the related search engine.

Search to Email Conversion Facts:
  • 46 percent of Internet users who regularly use Yahoo search have Yahoo email account
  • 38 percent of those who use MSN search have an MSN email account
  • 35 percent of those who use AOL search have an AOL email account
  • 13 percent of those who use Google’s search engine use Google’s Gmail service
Email to Search Conversion Facts:
  • 87 percent of Gmail account users select Google as preferred search engine
  • 71 percent of users with Yahoo email accounts chose Yahoo as search method
  • 49 percent of MSN email account holders list MSN search as their favorite search method
  • 45 percent of AOL members list AOL search as their regular search engine

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