Friday, March 30, 2007

What Do Blog Readers Want?

Blog readers know what they want and will be regular readers of the blogs that give it to them, according to a blog readership survey conducted by WOMMA.
  • 43.9 percent of blog readers say that writing quality is a key factor
  • 51.5 percent say the quality of writing helps determine the credibility
  • 43.6 percent say that the blog's subject matter is key

  • 65.7 percent of blog readers read for entertainment
  • 42.5 percent for personal interests and hobbies
  • 32.5 percent for education and information
  • 12.3 percent for work

  • 30.8 percent of blog readers read more than three blogs regularly
  • of these readers, 68.3 percent say they read them daily

  • 67.3 percent of readers find blogs by following links from other blogs
  • 22.9 percent use recommendations on blogs
  • 19.6 percent use search engines
From Newsletter : Measurement and Metrics in Word of Mouth Marketing #2.28: 03.30.07


Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Well as a blogger and a reader I know I have very short patience with blog posts that are poorly written. I am not keen on merely links either prefering someone to put some thought into the post.

Anonymous said...

Handy information. Bloggers should be striking to put out quality text.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great statistics. It is interesting that 67.3% of readers find blogs by following links on other blogs. A good reason to get my blogs into blogrolls!


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