Saturday, February 16, 2008

Entrecard Update

I have been using Entrecard on my travel blog for a few weeks now. I like the traffic and new readers, so I thinking of putting an Entrecard widget on my environmental blog.

I know you have seen Entrecard on blogs, but just in case, I will explain. If you have an Entrecard widget on your blog, you drop your Entrecard on other blogs and those bloggers reciprocate by dropping their Entrecard on your blog. You may drop up to 300 cards per day per widget.

I have been dropping about 100-200 cards per day, but I do not know if I can drop twice as many for another blog. I would have to open another Entrecard account, add the environmental blog, and then start over.

A few improvements have been made to Entrecard, such as more robust statistics. Now, it is easy to see who is a top card dropper on your blog, how many clicks you have received from displaying your entrecard on other bloggers' widgets, and how many organic clicks you have received from your entrecard on the Entrecard site. You also are given the most value per click breakdown (how many credits paid / clicks).

Entrecard (EC) has also included a feed for your inbox that you can bookmark. This feed displays the last 50 blogs that dropped a card on your blog. The problem is, if you click a blog link in the feed, you are taken to EC to the blog profile. Affter clicking the link in your inbox feed, you must login to EC and viewing the blog profile, then you must click once again to reach the blog, finally! Too many clicks for each card dropper.


Navigate to your Entrecard URL, such as****/inbox, where **** is your member number. Bookmark this page because it displays 98 of the latest card droppers on your blog. Also, you may click directly to the EC dropper's blog from this page.

Notice that some of these Entrecards have a thin black border around them and some have a thin gold border. The golden border means that you have already visited this blog within the past 24 hours. Just click the black-bordered Entrecards.

Cool? Cool. I will link to the woman's blog that wrote about this, as soon as I find it again. I read so many blogs that I get lost. LOL


Anonymous said...

Good blog

CyberCelt said...

@handyblogger-Thanks for commenting.


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