Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day is Looming in Near Future

What to give to someone whom you love on Valentine's Day? Well, flowers and chocolates come to mind. Plants, jewelry, gift certificates, spa visits . . .

What if you do not have any money? When I was going to school, I had zero money to spend on necessities, not to mention gifts. What did I do?

I baked a heart shaped cake that said I Love You and I made coupons that entitled the bearer to services. Services like:
  • manicure;
  • breakfast in bed;
  • event I would attend no matter what, whether it be truck pulls, rodeos, basketball game;
  • get out of trouble free card for when the other person had been an ass but knew it;
  • back massage;
  • foot massage;
  • bubble bath with champagne;
  • whatever you wish.
You get the idea, but do not give more than you are willing to do. You can get real creative by using colored paper, paper lace and ribbons to make a very pretty card in which to place the coupons. These coupons were a real hit and they did not cost a cent. Give of yourself this Valentine's Day.

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