Thursday, July 9, 2009

Normally, I do not discuss drugs on any of my blogs. However, this advertisement for legalizing and taxing marijuana to support the tax base makes sense to me.

Perhaps my change of heart has something to do with my son being arrested, again, for smoking marijuana. He is only 19 years old and is almost a junior in college, but he will be spending the rest of his college career in jail. Yes, he smokes marijuana. This is like the fourth time they have busted him. Yes, he is stupid.

Last time, DEA busted down his door with guns drawn. This time, the three big policemen from the narcotics division came. I believe the cops in San Marcos would rather bust a skinny, stupid, struggling teenager than tackle someone with a gun or a knife, maybe someone dangerous like a burglar or murderer, what about child abusers and other true criminals. Why my son?

Why My Son?
Why is he a felon because he smokes pot?

We elect politicians who have been caught with crack and cocaine while in an elective office. He forgive our officials who spend state money on flings to foreign countiries. We allow governors to rewrite humane laws, sue people who pissed them off, and turn down money from the federal government.



Mike's Blog Marketing Tips said...

First, I am sorry to hear about your son. Now, the reason pot is illegal is because there's a lot of money tied up in the industrial/prison complex. Which is unfortunate, not only because of kids like your son being put in jail for stupid sh*t, but also because of all the research that has been done which is proving that the active ingredient in pot can cure cancer.

Jasper said...

O my goodness. That is so horrible.
It is not really easy to deal problems like this..
If ever your kid is arrested for illegally using drugs then in that case the parent would really be depressed.
Illegal drugs in our country has never been legalized cos the cases might be worsen.

CyberCelt said...

@mike-I think you are right about the industrial/prison complex. Felons are big business.

@jasper-he has been arrested, repeatedly. I just object to him being singled out for marijuana when there are murderers, terrorists, spouse/children abusers, gang members, etc.


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