Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Advertising and Marketing Success

Lots of great information in byte-size chunks today:

Sponsored search text ads on Yahoo! have been reduced to 70 characters, which is a step toward industry standardization. This will allow you to manage keyword buys more easily, compare results across engines, and create ads that are more in line with consumer behaviors.

Design your advertisments for maximum engagement across multiple media platforms, from video-on-demand and satellite radio to search engines, video blogs and wireless text messaging.

According to a report released recently by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), advertisers in the U.S. and Canada spent $5.75 billion on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in 2005, a 44 percent increase over 2004 spending.

Consumers want to feel special and in control of their advertising experience. When they feel included and empowered, they are more likely to buy.

Integrate advertising. Extend your online marketing to your physical store. Invite visitors in your store to shop online. Drive traffic to a contest on your website using print ads. Place a magnetic sign on your car door with URL of your website. Feature your chatroom on a blog post. Wear your website address on your t-shirt.

Visit Advertiing For Success blog and view my post on Multiple Intelligences. Everything you do online and offline is related to everything else you do. No one is going to make the connection for your customer if you do not.


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