Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Humor and News Tops List of Emails Shared

According to a report just released by Sharpe Partners, a marketing agency, 89 percent of adult Internet users in the US share content with friends, family and associates by e-mail. The study showed 63 percent of the respondents sharing email content at least once a week, and 25 percent sharing daily or almost daily.

The top types of email shared? Humor, followed by News. Adding a brand message to the email slightly reduces the chance of sharing. Over 40 percent of respondents stated they are more or slightly more likely to send marketing-related messages. Only 5 percent stated they refuse to share content that contains a brand message.

So, roll out the jokes, folks, burn a news feed and get your brand out there. Perhaps a blend of daily jokes and world news would be a workable format, with a sedate logo as watermark or a small text ad included in the body of the email.

Provide a quality service and your largesse will be returned to you. I love the way the world works sometimes.


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