Friday, March 3, 2006

Join the GreenZap community today and you will receive $25 web cash online payments - with a GreenZap online payments account, you can send money to anyone. Once you open your account, you will find a little something from GreenZap to get you started: $25 in FREE WebCash.

WebCash can be used as a way to pay for your GreenZap transaction feez as well as to purchase products being sold at our GreenZap Storez, where hundreds of online merchants are offering thousands of brand name products and services.

Join FREE today and you will receive an extra $25 in FREE Web Cash on my behalf.

Test the GreenZap program and you will be surprised at the professional, friendly service. I joined, but did not confirm my account due to all the problems with IntGold, StormPay and eGold. I received a call from GreenZap staff, just to see if they could ansswer any questions. I was given the direct telephone number to the person that called, with reassurance that my call would be returned any time I called.

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