Thursday, February 1, 2007

Terror Strikes in Boston

Turner Broadcasting is in deep trouble for the publicity stunt in which their representatives placed lightboard devices throughout Boston to promote the Aqua Teen Hunger Force show on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

When a commuter noticed one of the devices under a Boston highway overpass, all hell broke loose. Bomb squads and haz-mat teams were called, subways were shut down and traffic was tied up for hours. At last count, the City of Boston said that the stunt cost almost $750 thousand and the governor of Massachuesettes said that charges may be filed on the Comedy Channel.

The twist lies in that ten cities were targeted in this PR campaign, but only Boston reacted. Austin, Texas, had the same lightboards placed in similar places and no one thought they were bombs. I mean, do they look like bombs?


Malissa said...

That's the 1st time I saw a picture of it--no doesn't quite look scary;)

here for the carnival

Karmyn said...

When I heard this on the news I just started laughing.

It was probably 1 person who freaked out and called the news media - who went into hailstorm about it.

I feel sorry for the guys who are in trouble over it. I know terrorism is a real threat - but no need to overreact sometimes. We still need laughter and levity

Gattina said...

I think it becomes hysterical. Somebody farts (excuse my french) and everybody thinks it's a bomb exploding !

Anna Venger said...

That could only happen post 9/11.


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