Thursday, February 1, 2007

Videospokesperson Lends Human Touch

I visited the RegOnline website to view the conference registration process and comment. They wanted feedback on the videospokesperon they call Connie. Apparently, research has shown that adding this virtual person to the registration process increased registration by 11 percent. I would be interested in knowing if the gender, race or accent of the videospokesperson affects the rate of registration.

While the registration form loads, Connie appears. Connie is a pleasant looking, friendly woman with an accent-free voice who welcomes you to the RegOnline website. She urges you to take the next step (input your email address) and then disappears.

I do not know if Connie would convince me to register for a conference if I was not planning to register, but the human touch on any website is a great idea. One type of website that could really use a videospokesperon are those link farm government sites that are so intimidating and never seem to have the information you require. I could see Connie saying "Welcome to the IRS website. Let me help you find the information you need..."

Any website that takes reservations or registrations would be a worthwhile place for Connie. Bring back the human touch to our online transactions.

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