Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Podcasting: Who's Tuning In?

Back in November of 2005, Advertising for Success Blog reported:

Thirty-second spots and solo sponsorships are a great way to get your brand out in front of pod-heads. You should match the interests of your audience, as an advertisement may be perceived as an interruption if not properly staged.

How to measure effectiveness of an ad or sponsorship in a podcast?
  • Measure the number of downloaded podcasts as a percentage of total website traffic.
  • Use word or number code in your campaign that must be entered on your website or given to operators over the telephone to receive more information.
  • Follow the buzz (interest) through Internet chat rooms and blogs.
Podcasting may not be for every advertiser. However, some retailers of products that may not be advertised on traditional channels, such as condoms, may find podcasts an attractive alternative.


Now, in March 2006, a new report, Podcasting: Who's Tuning In?, by eMarketer, the active podcast audience numbers roughly 3 million in 2006, and will increase to 7.5 million in 2008 and to 10 million in 2010. eMarketer reports that advertising of podcasts will reach $80 million this year and $300 million by 2010.


This new interactive media has proven an effective advertising vehicle to reach a young, technologically savvy market. What are you waiting for?

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