Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Targeting Made Easy With Google AdWord Tools

If you use Google AdWords to advertise, you should investigate the demographic targeting tools available on the Google site.

First, you may enter the URLs of sites where you would like to advertise. If the sites you enter are part of the Google content network, you will be able to select them.

Second, you may enter descriptive terms that match the content of your advertisement.

Third, you may choose up to three demographic categories: audience gender, age and household income, for example. The AdWords system will return a listing of available Google Network member sites popular with your target market. If you have entered more than one demographic, the tool returns sites that fit all demographics chosen.

Each of the above three methods may return up to 100 available sites when you click Get Available Sites. Click Add next to any listed website to add it to your list of selected sites.

Last, after you have selected sites, click the Find more sites like these link. The AdWords system analyzes the selections and find related or similar sites.

You now have a demographically targeted, personally selected list of websites on which you may want to advertise. If you go through the entire process, you will know that you have not missed any important websites for your target market.

Targeting Made Easy With Google AdWord Tools

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