Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cool Blog of the Week: Ramblings and Rhetoric

The Cool Blog of the Week is Ramblings and Rhetoric. This is a great blog with a unique template. Mike Marinaro has at least two other blogs in addition to Ramblings and Rhetoric. Please visit all three if you have time.

Currently, Mike is trying to assess his audience and his reach. Every blogger has to do this periodically to remain fresh. I am too chicken to do it myself, so I will help Mike Marinaro with his... LOL

((((( Contest Time )))))
for 100 Blog Explosion Credits

To qualify, follow these directions.

On his blog, Ramblings and Rhetoric, Mike asks 5 specific questions about his blog.
  • visit Ramblings and Rhetoric and answer his five specific questions about his blog
  • leave your BE user name on that same comment
  • learn the name of just two of Mike's other blogs
Return here to CoolAdzine and leave a comment on this post, including:
One lucky reader who follows the directions on both sites will win 100 free BE credits. You have until Friday, June 2 at midnight to enter. Good luck!

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keadamna said...

His two other blogs are:
3 is the Charm and Bed & Breakfast Experiences

My b/e username is keadamna. (Ooops I didn't leave that when I answered his questions).

I think it is great that you are trying to help him out.


PS - Kind of limits your response when you only allow blogger people to comment.

My main url is http://keadamna.journalspace.com/

MsDemmie said...

3 is the Charm

Bed and Breakfast experiences.

BE Name is MsDemmie

CyberCelt said...

MsDemmie is the winner of 100 Blog Explosion credits.

Keadamna receives 10 Blog Explosion credits just for participating.

Thank you both!

MsDemmie said...

Thanks you - they were waiting for me on my return.


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