Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mobile Advertising is Ready for Prime Time Marketing

It seems the third screen is ready for prime-time advertising. The mobile market is increasing and becoming more sophisticated. Tom Burgess from Third Screen Media, one of the first ad networks specializing in mobile advertising, talks of mobile marketing and behavioral targeting with Behavioral Insider.

According to Mr. Burgess, is is estimated that there are:

  • 160+ million cellphones with Internet capabilities in circulation today
  • 20+ million people surf the Internet from their phones regularly
  • 5 million Americans who own video-enabled handsets
Burgess also states that the mobile advertising market consists of at least four channels:
  • the mobile web
  • video broadcast and video on demand
  • downloadable Java applets and games
  • text messaging
What data will advertisers be collecting on cell phone users?
  • basic demographics
  • number of impressions
  • click-through and traffic data
  • actual usage behaviors
According to Mr. Burgess:
We may be at the threshold of a collaborative breakthrough based on enlightened self-interest. Carriers want more relevant content. In order to pay for that content, providers need more relevant advertising, and in order to justify that, advertisers need an optimally targetable platform to advertise in.
It is a brave new Internet for all of us. Free is good and engagement is the name of the game. To read a related post, please visit Advertising for Success blog and read Engagement and free premium content via Ultramercials.

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