Monday, July 24, 2006

Another Click and Comment Monday!

Click and Comment Monday is a day to click, to read, and to comment on other blogs you may not normally view in your daily surfing. The C&C Monday concept is to increase readership, make new blogging friends, and to strengthen the bonds between similar blogs. Click and Comment Monday will bring you more readers, subscribers and comments.

Click and comment on my renter, Full Metal Photographer. Then click on his renter and comment, then click on their renter and comment. If there is no renter, then click a site on a blog roll or a blog link. Do this at least 5 times, more if you have the time. If you get stuck, just StumbleUpon a blog.

C&C Monday is a an idea started by Cat. Cat has all the images for C&C Monday as well as a Mr. Linkie. This week she is running a contest for Blog Explosion members as well.

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charles ravndal said...

Quite a nice idea as well. And thanks for joining my game.

I'll try to visit your renter! TC

RennyBA said...

he Queer Chef pimped me here and I'll add hello from Norway!
It really seams like I've got to the right place - looking foward to new visitors too:-)

Meliza said...

Got pimped by Queer Chef here. Surely nice to hear from all sorts of people


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