Friday, September 29, 2006

Cool Blog : One Old Green Bus

Imagine . . . you have achieved financial security, are confident in your employment, looking forward to a future planned and secured through your diligent efforts. Then your entire world collapses in an instant. No job, no money, creditors at the door, wife loses job and your child needs dental work. Most would chuck it all. . .

One Old Green Bus is the ongoing story of one man's dream. A dream that helped him and his family survive all the bad experiences described above. Something positive on which they focused their energy and imagination. The wife wanted to use the bus to take trips to the beach, the child wanted the upstairs made into an area for playing Nintendo. He just wants to own and restore this old green bus.

This Regent Low Height Bus (RLH3) is one of only 76 ever built in the 1950s in England. RLH3 and was used with London Transport until 1971. The bus is currently in a barn near Santa Rosa, California. Visit One Old Green Bus and offer your comments on and support to one family's dream. Tell them that CyberCelt sent you.

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Matthew Didier said...

Thanks most kindly for the excellent write-up!

As a quick update to those who read the post, I have found meaningful employment and we are catching up on all our old debts and making ends meet!

Still not enough, though, to rescue the "icon" that got us through the tough times... so we're still pleading for help with it... but I think the blog entries offer "full value" for any visitor with fun and information!


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