Saturday, September 9, 2006

The Economist Goes Green for Special Edition

The uncertainty surrounding climate change argues for action, not inaction. America should lead the way ...

The Economist Global Warming Issue
Many magazines have published special green issues. Designed to raise awareness and bring attention to rising concern over global warming, these issues usually pollute more than they enlighten. That is, until the The Economist. They directly addressed the impact their own special edition had on the environment.
Emma Duncan, deputy editor for the London-based newsweekly, wanted to do something unique for the magazine's 16-page green section, on newsstands tomorrow. So she arranged for the spread to be carbon-neutralized through the Carbon Neutral Co. in London.
The process entailed calculating all the carbon dioxide burned from all the traveling, production, printing and distribution of the issue. Carbon Neutral trapped 118 tons of carbon dioxide to counteract the emissions created by producing the magazine.

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