Monday, October 30, 2006

Cool Blog: The Prize is Right

The Cool Blog for this week is The Prize is Right.

The Very Best Prizes, Competitions, & Opportunities for Artists, Actors, Musicians, Writers, Filmmakers, Comedians, Archtects & All Creative Professionals

There are some great opportunities on this blog for comedians ($10,000 Seattle International Standup Comedy Competition), funny moms ($50,000 Funniest Mom in America Contest), filmakers (The Aspen Shortfest for Comedic Filmmakers and All Other Filmmakers), models (The Ultimate Global Model Search), and singers (American Idol is Auditioning).

If you can get past the appearance of this blog, you will find that the content is pure gold for those of you wanting to step into the spotlight and demonstrate your talent for the world. There are also lots of resources on where to find other opportunities.

So, blogger, come on down to the The Prize is Right.


Rob StGeorge said...

Happy c & c monday to you!, I look forward to checking out the blogging chicks on Nov 12th!

Loup Dargent said...

I've managed to do some C&C Monday-ing while being net-less... Yeaaaah! :-)

Guess who was next on my list? ;-)

Happy C&C Monday!

Talk soon and thanks for visiting :-)



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