Tuesday, December 19, 2006

5 NASCAR channels from DirecTV and Hotpass

Great article on Advertising Age by Andrew Hampp:

DirecTV Hotpass service will launch five Nascar channels next month for the 2007 season. Each channel will be dedicated to one driver each week, and the team sponsor will have exclusive logo space throughout the race.

During the local channel breaks, the team sponsor will have a one-minute spot for team-related news or sponsor-driven advertising. The channels will have a dedicated pair of announcers that will focus their commentary specifically on the channel driver.

Hotpass will give DirecTV a taste of consumer-generated input by allowing fans to vote for their favorite driver, which, in turn, will determine which driver gets their own channel. Wowsers! What a way to grab some attention, DirecTV!

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The Wal-NutzManiac said...

I personally think this is the most ridiculous idea I've heard in my life, and I'll even go a step further to say that I blame all the powers that be, including The France Family, NASCAR and whomever else gave this idea a thumbs up, all in the name of making MORE almighty bucks. First and foremost what would happen, if, God Forbid one of the designated drivers was wrecked and seriously injured or killed, there it would be on nationwide television for the world, including children to see, just how brilliant is that ???

Not to mention that folks would be bickering over who was chosen as a designated driver and who wasn't. Five drivers out of 43 can only cause "child-like" behavior from the likes of the drivers at HMS and fans alike.

I'm thinking that "the powers that be" won't be happy until they have driven ALL OF THE NASCAR FANS into another sport or another interest altogether.

Just my humble opinion.


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