Friday, March 30, 2007

Do You Play Texas Hold'em?

Our family is not big on board games, but we love card games! My son and I started playing Battle when he was old enough to hold the cards and graduated to Blackjack when he was in his teens. We do not play for money, but we get a charge out of playing just the same.

My personal favorite card game has always been Blackjack. When I was single, I would go to Las Vegas and Tahoe and play Blackjack all night or until my $50 ran out. That was my rule: play until the $50 is gone, whether it takes 15 minutes of six hours.

My husband and I have wanted to learn to play Texas Hold'em for several months now. We are from Texas, after all! We play different card games when we camp, as it is a good way to socialize with other travelers. Wherever we camp, it seems like Texas Hold'em tournaments are all the rage.

We have been trying to learn the game so that we can play (and win) some of the tournaments. The seasoned RV card players have no patience for teaching the rules of any game to newbies. I guess they feel like "Why should I teach someone to play when all these other folks know how?" So, we are going to practice at home, learn to play each other and then we can play when we camp.

I found this site Executive Gaming, sponsor of this post, and they have entire home game packages, including Texas Hold'em. The Texas Hold'em player package includes:
  • Texas Hold'Em Layout
  • 100 Lucky Crown Chips
  • Dealer Button
  • Big Blind Button
  • Little Blind Button
  • Free access to online instructional videos.
I think we are going to order this package. The main selling point is the access to instructional videos. We want to learn exactly how to play to win. Did I say that already? LOL

We might even spring for the High Roller package or the Whale Level Texas Hold'em Package! I can imagine the look of envy in some of the other RVers' eyes when we set up our full-blown card game. Do you think those armbands and eye shades like they used in the Wild West would be too much!

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