Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Boomers and the Third Age

Beyond the Numbers: Boomer Marketing Summit, a research study conducted by ThirdAge Inc. and JWT BOOM, was conducted online at

Over 1,210 adults 40+ years of age were surveyed to help marketers learn the interests, preferences and habits of Boomers and their use of online media. Some surprising statistics were unveiled by this study.

Today in the USA, close to 108 million people are 45+ years old. Boomers comprise over 40 percent of the population. They control $9 trillion, which accounts for 70 percent of the net worth of USA. In the next 15 years, the 50-64 age popular will grow by 50 percent and the 65-plus population will grow 32 percent.

Boomers are Wired
  • 82 percent use desktop computer to connect online
  • 17 percent use laptops
  • 73 percent use Broadband to access the Internet from home
Internet Use by Boomers
  • 99 percent E-mail
  • 95 percent browse web
  • 92 percent research background information
  • 91 percent read online articles
  • 90 percent stay in touch with family and friends
  • 85 percent conduct product research before off line purchase
  • 73 percent shop online
  • 82 percent seek information on health and wellness
Word of Mouth Marketing and Boomers

This age group is one of the most active groups in the viral marketplace. They share their thoughts and opinions with friends in numbers that should make any marketer pay attention.
  • 96 percent share information and details about new discoveries with their family
  • 84 percent with their children
  • 83 percent with their spouses
  • 71 percent among their co-workers
Integrated Marketing to Boomers

Research points to the fact that marketers would do well to understand the value of a diverse, yet integrated, marketing plan when marketing to Boomers.
  • 92 percent visit an online Web site after reading about it in print article
  • 89 percent visit a Web site after seeing a print ad
  • 83 percent visit a site after seeing a television ad
So, do not cancel the TV spots and magazine ads. Follow up print campaigns online.

For more information, please read press release: Its Official: Marketers Can’t Afford Not to Build Relationships with Boomers : Latest ThirdAge/JWT Boomer Survey Busts Myths About Boomer Technology Habits

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