Monday, April 2, 2007

Click & Comment Monday

Here is how I use click & comment Monday. Start on a blog. You are here, how about my blog? If you like a post on my blog, leave me a comment.

Visit one of the blogs on my blog roll or the BlogLog. Leave a comment somewhere on their blog. Click a blog on their blogroll and comment on that blog if you like it. Repeat.

You can skip blogs, leave comments on more blogs, follow a blog roll or just Stumble around the Internet. Try to click and comment on at least 5 blogs if you have time. I guarantee you will find some cool blogs and you will increase your readership if you do this on Mondays, but only if you want to find new blogs. To be added to the official C&C Monday blogroll, visit Cat.

Please comment and gain one easy entry into the Comments & Favorites Worth Cash Contest. You will be entered into a drawing for $50 via PayPal.

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Jess said...

Very interesting! I never knew about Click & Comment Monday, it'll definitely give me something to do when I'm bored! Thanks! :)

Happily Anonymous said...

Well...I'm a day late...but it's still a comment..albeit a lame one.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I would just like to point out that they guy in that Bahama ad? I don't know him, and he is definitely NOT a loved one of mine.

I wanted that on the record.

chase said...

Even though I am late. I will still join the game!

Drew said...

I'm a bit confused but I'll comment on your blog.


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