Wednesday, May 9, 2007

American Fantasy Football League

The American Fantasy Football League is an elite venue in which participants can experience fantasy football. The American Fantasy Football League (AFFL) draft is run by software developed by Mock Draft Central, specifically for the AFFL. Statistics are gathered by STATS LLC, which is the source that provides the NFL with their statistical data.

There are different levels of participation, all requiring 12 teams per league. Platinum and Gold levels will each consist of a maximum of 50 leagues. The Silver and Copper levels will consist of a maximum of 100 leagues. The Copper level is intended for new AFFL participants. The Bronze level is for the short season. You may join as many levels as you want.

The entry fee for Platinum level is $1,200, Gold $500, Silver $150, Bronze $100, and Copper is free to join. There are some serious prize money up for grab,with the Championship Playoff Grand Prize being $100,000 at the Platinum level, $75,000 at Gold, $40,000 at Silver, and $25,000 for Bronze. Copper prize is to be determined.

If Fantasy Football is your hobby, this is the league to join. Visit American Fantasy Football League, sponsor of this post, for more information.


Dave said...

I might actually join this year. I did fantasy football and baseball really hard for a few years but have taken the last year off developing a statistical system to improve my player picks.

CyberCelt said...

@dave-I do not know enough about football to participate. My brother-in-law does and he makes money at it! Appreciate your comments.


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