Monday, August 20, 2007

Help Me : I have a Poll Up

I have added a poll to my sidebar. I would appreciate if you would look at the comment page (the page that comes up when you want to leave a comment). Read what I have written to spammers and give me your honest opinion.

After voting, please leave a comment here about your thoughts and your blog URL. At the end of the poll (6 days), I will choose one commenter at random for a prize.

The winner may choose their prize from latest Police CD set.

Life Coach Clay Nelson's Getting Started Series

Or a small cash prize as yet to be determined.

I appreciate your taking the time to help me improve my blog.


Chamonix said...

I applaud you for using Do Follow on your blog, the sharing of ideas and the links between them is one of the beauties of the internet. It's just such a shame that blog comments get so exploited by spammers. Have you thought of implementing some form of Captcha to try and weed out the spam comments?

Eliot said...

You are totally right regarding spamers. The are really annoying. I'll try to get rid of them before I have to moderate their comments. I should keep my eyes open for a good anti-spam-tool... Any ideas?

Drew said...

I have been getting those spam comments too, and I fell for it the first time and even responded, felt like an ass. Oh well live and learn. I think your comment is good not too harsh and rather diplomatic. Not sure if it will deter the spammers though, but you can only try. I also get nonsensical jumbled word spam as well. So glad I moderate my comments.

Lisa said...

The spammers seem to be getting better and better at it. I hate the ones that almost look like a real comment.

CyberCelt said...

@chamonix-I discontinued Captcha and "no follow" at the same time. I wanted to make it easier to leave comments. Now, I just moderate comments. I have just been hit by "This is the stuff" spam lately.

@eliot-I do not know one for blogger, but I will be looking and will let you know for sure.

@drew-LOL! I did too. It was when I went to visit the blog, like a good do follow blogger, that I realized it was not a blog at all.

@lisa-Me, too! I hate to delete a comment that was left in good faith. I have taken to visiting the blog if I have any doubt.

Thank you all for helping me with this comment project.


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