Saturday, September 15, 2007

Are You Stuck on One Search Engine?

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From the article:
A new release from Nielsen//NetRatings announced that, among the three key Web categories, search providers had the highest visitor retention rates, with an average of 71 percent of June visitors at home returning in July. Google Search led, followed by Yahoo! Search, and MSN/Windows Live Search. Visitor retention rates were slightly higher among the work audience.
For complete information, view the press release at

My thoughts: I think search engine used depends on your browser and your options.

With Internet Explorer, you have a home page and that is usually keyed to the webmail service you use. You are basically trapped unless you have bookmarked other search engines.

If you use FireFox, you have the ability to add multitudes of search engines to your browser as add-ons. I tend to use specific search engines for different tasks. If I use Yahoo! and do not get the answer in the first few results, I switch to Google; if I am still not happy, I go to Ask. I never use MSN. If I am looking for definitions, I use Webster; if looking for a movie, I use IMDB; and for news I use BBC. Other options include Technorati,,, Amazon, eBay and Lonely Planet Online.

I love having choices. What browser do you use? Which search engines?


Tom said...

Hi, do any of you bloggers know anything about the viral widget called BlogRush. Apparantly it was just launched yesterday.

I found it here in the top of the right column at this Ning site.

It's supposed to give you reciprical traffic based on reading the content of your page like Adsense does (but it doesn't pay anything, just gives free traffic).

It says you actually get like 10x or more traffic back, due to some exponential growth aspect of it. (multi tier affiliate based on who signs under you?)

Does this kind of thing really work? I wouldn't say no to free traffic.

CyberCelt said...

@tom-it is found at I do not know if it works. I am using it on one blog so far. Thanks for stopping by.


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