Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Powerset Natural Language Search

Powerset Labs wants help build Powerset's next-generation search engine. Natural language search is where you will be able to type in a question and receive answers that are relevant to your query. Sign up today and help develop the next generation search engine.

Powerset Blog : Powerset launches Powerset Labs at TechCrunch40
Powerset Labs is a community where users can provide feedback on our product design and natural language engine. While users will not be able to interact with the Powerset open search box across the Web, we are giving users a peek at technology demonstrations that show off some of Powerset’s natural language processing capabilities.
Using new technologies based upon the syntax, structure and nuances of natural language, Powerset is building a search engine to break the boundaries of keyword search. Making search more natural and intuitive, Powerset will change how we search.

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