Thursday, September 20, 2007

AMA Webcast : Integrated Marketing

Thursday, October 4, 2007 10:00 am Pacific Daylight Time
(GMT -07:00, San Francisco)

25 Secrets to Achieving Soaring ROIs for your Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Attend and you'll learn how to:
  • Implement strategic direct marketing planning essentials
  • Gauge your performance against the best in the industry
  • Take advantage of seven targeting techniques essential in today’s cluttered mailbox, anti-spam, email environment
  • Accurately deliver your messages to the best-qualified prospects, driving up results while reducing waste
  • Determine whether you’re operating with the right foundation and management principles to consistently deliver highly successful campaigns.

Russell Kern, Founder and CEO of The Kern Organization
Anna Carbonara, Moderator, American Marketing Association

Free! --) Registration required.

These free webinars are a great opportunity to learn new skills and to network. They are not the most high-tech event, which is surprising when you think of the association putting these on. However you will learn from experts and usually you receive a free whitepaper or a copy of the presentation. Do not forget to register. You should download the software before the webcast starts in case of problems.

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