Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tax Man Cometh : Here is Help for You

I just received the latest Trump U newsletter. There is usually a useful item or two in it, so I read it. You my read it here.

The following caught my eye:
There are three things that will destroy your hard-earned wealth faster than anything else: income taxes, lawsuits, and estate taxes
Building wealth is useless if you can not protect it from the government and other people who want to take it away from you. Trump University Asset Protection 101 gives you all the tools you need to avoid the three big obstacles to wealth creation and protection.

Trump University
Asset Protection 101

It is getting close to tax deadline. As an entrepreneur, you should protect your income and accumulated wealth. I believe this book may be a useful tool. I found this book on Amazon.com and it is very reasonable.

After you purchase the book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, go to the Trump University website and complete a simple form to receive the following free tools:

  • Three J.J. Childers E-Books-valued at $19.95 each, these three e-books provide you with even more information about protecting your wealth, saving on taxes, and enjoying a stress-free retirement.
  • Five Special Reports-over 100 pages of extra material to help you build your wealth structure (worth $150!).
  • The Top 50 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions-this gift alone could save you thousands of dollars when April comes around again!
  • J.J.'s Asset Protection Worksheet-the master's tool to show you where you may be vulnerable to lawsuits and how you can minimize your tax burden.
  • Asset Video - addressing specific asset protection issues, which you can view on your computer.
  • 20% off the registration fee for Trump University's Wealth Preservation: Asset Protection Retreat featuring instructor J.J. Childers.

    AND BEST OF ALL: a FREE 1-hour Teleseminar - If the book makes it to #1, we will send you an exclusive invitation to a teleseminar covering the fundamental wealth principles of asset protection, estate planning and tax reduction with JJ's hand-picked expert.
What do you have to lose? Spend $13.50 on the book and then receive all those free tools and discounts. You notice I am doing anything other than preparing my taxes! LOL


Jenna said...

I am glad you are bringing this to the attention of others because many people do not have their wealth or their assets properly protected. Great post, good points, and thanks for the tip on the book.

CyberCelt said...

@jenna-I am dreading taxes this year.


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