Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Teoma Rumor is Just That, Says

Rumors were flying that InterActiveCorp, the parent company of, were planning on dumping Teoma, the search engine for Even worse, the skinny was that was going to replace the Teoma engine search results with those from a leading competitor.

Last Friday, Silicon Valley Insider blog was making the news with the help from an "insider." On Monday, Search Engine Marketing blog, among many others, speculated about the fate of the Teoma search engine.

Finally, in a comment to the above-referenced post on SEM blog:
Hi - as a spokesperson for, I hope I can weigh in here once and for all and quelch the rumor that 'the plug is bing pulled' on our search technology, Teoma. It's not. Teoma remains. That's all there is to it! Best to all, Nicholas Graham
So the rumors that will be laying off employees and selling off the Teoma search engine are false. Perhaps IAC's stock price will recover.

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