Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Need Help With Your Writing?

Is this You?

You have:
  • an auto responder sequence written by someone else that needs updating;
  • some ads your sponsor wrote that work well for him, but need editing;
  • a newsletter that just does not flow;
  • a safe list email that needs proofreading; or
  • a list of links, blurbs, and ideas that outline your next project.

Our advertisements and articles must convey
correct and easy to retrieve information.

You need help with spelling, grammar and language.
  • I can help you.
  • Use the Contact Me button on the sidebar to submit the URL to your advertisement, web page, article, classified ad or auto responder sequence.
  • Include a short note requesting that the document be proofread, edited, rewritten or critiqued.
  • I will contact you and we will reach agreement on payment before I begin work.

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