Sunday, August 9, 2009

Need a Little Facebook Time?

Nucleus Research conducted research on the use of FaceBook on company time.

Oh Lord, they should have known better than to go looking. What they found was that almost 50 percent of the study participants and 77 percent of participants with a Facebook account use it during work hours. Some workers use Facebook as much as 2 hours a day at work.

Let me think about this: 8 hour work day - 2 hours of Facebook time = 6 hour workday

Well, I wonder where they will get the free time for personal cell calls, texting, messaging on the computer and using that old standby, email. LOL

Tentative Schedule

8-815 am - arrive to work, get coffee, chit chat, turn the phones and computers on
816-830 am
- drink coffee and talk with friends in adjoining cubicles
830-900 am - discussion of where to eat lunch, plans for baby shower and a birthday this week.
9-915 am - Coffee Break
916-930 am - visiting on the way back to cubicle
930-1000 am - furious burst of energy used returning phone calls, emails, making of to-do lists
10 am
- boss comes in, everyone looks busy (this is probably when the majority of Facebook activity takes place.)
11 am
- start putting things away in preparation for lunch
1130 am
- depart for lunch after arranging cars
1131 am-1235 pm - Lunch
1236-1 pm - bathroom breaks, talks of lunch, fullness, diets and exercise
1-2 pm - flurry of energy to get a few things ready for the outgoing mail and the outbox on your bosses desk
2-215 on - Coffee Break
216 -3 pm - Facebook time
3-359 pm - last burst of energy to close things up tidy cubicle, check mail room, and say goodbye to the work day.

There are just not enough hours in the day!


Jesse said...

This post really didn't surprise me. I know plenty of people that use facebook and internet forums during work hours. Looks like company firewalls are going to have to start cracking down.

CyberCelt said...

@jesse-I remember when office policy was "no personal phone calls." Now, you almost have to compete for time with your employees??!!??

Horoscope said...

I go to facebook between 10 than 11 at morning (while working)


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