Saturday, May 12, 2012

Secure Computing Enviroment

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Security Threats

Security threats do not always come from outside your network. Data leakage is an internal problem, like when an employee leaves their terminal on answer or echo mode so that they may login from home. Employees   who lend their login credentials to others are troublesome. The most common security leak is the new employee who cannot remember his password. The password may be easily found by looking at bulletin boards or under the keyboard.


Four Fatal Gaps

Back to security issues, you should download the eBook, Four Fatal Gaps in your Security Identified. The gaps will give you pause because you may not have considered these threats Luckily, CDW ”gets it." Keeping up with the latest security measures is just as important as keeping up with the latest technology.

The 4 Fatal Gaps  are:

  • Threat Management--Security begins when you protect the transmission of data that comes in and out of your network.
  • Mobile and Always on Security--mobile devices create a huge security risk. The reason: They allow employees to leave the building with sensitive company information...
  • Data Loss Prevention--(DLP) uses content discovery, file system protection, network protection and graphical user interface.
  • Securing the Cloud--threat management makes you sweat, The Cloud should have your pulling your hair out. Cloud security could be a problem. If more apps move to the cloud, the requirement to harden every piece of infrastructure is important.

After you download the free eBook, look around the website. I found this website to be extremely well organized and useful. I could easily locate exactly what I wanted with their navigational tools and finely honed search engine.

I earn all my money online, so I rely 100 percent on the Internet. I have been left without a computer three times and each time, I did not see trouble coming. When I land a new project, I would hire CDW to develop and implement the new websites. That is what to do so that no backdoors are left to make it easy to hack your site.4 Fatal Gaps




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