Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boomers and Christmas Spending

According to Forrester Research, Boomer expenditures during the upcoming holiday include mobile, gadgets, devices and high priced computers. Boomers average $650 spent online, while Gen X spends $581 and Gen Y spends $429.

Boomers make extensive use of the Internet: 91 percent use email, 88 percent use search engines, 80 percent research health and 74 percent get their news online.
Baby Boomers buy for themselves but also for their parents and their children. In fact, Baby Boomer women influence 80% of household buying decisions.
Baby Boomers purchase 67 percent of new cars; 74 percent prescription drugs and 51 percent OTC drugs;  42 percent online travel and 80 percent of luxury travel, with $157 Billion worth of leisure travel per year.  Eight out of ten own their homes and one out of four have vacation homes.

The Baby Boomers hold 70 percent of the nation's wealth and will inherit billions more. So, if you are not including boomers in your target market, you are missing a huge opportunity.

via Engage: Boomers (Media Post blog)

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