Sunday, July 31, 2005

Blogging With the Best!

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Have you discovered more and more blogs and met some truly talented people who are publishing their life stories and their artwork on the web? Blogging has become fashionable.

You will see some R-rates sites and a few that, if they were televised, would contain nothing but bleeps. Saddest of all are the abandoned blogs... where did the people go? Some had posts from friends saying that the blog owner was in Australia or on a buying trips, but a lot just sit there being unused. The date of the last post is most telling in determining blog status.

If you would like a blog of your own, just click the Blog This (top left corner). It really takes no time at all to setup your blog and then you may write your first blog post. Blogging is a great tool for marketers because the search engines love blogs. Your information will be found quicker than you can say "blog me." It is also a free resource for those marketers that do not have the inclination to build a big site.

There are different formats for the "feeds" or the output your visitor will see. Blogger content is atom.xml. If you would like RSS, you may have your atom.xml burned at FeedBurner. RSS seems to be the most readily acceptable feed - at this time. To see the difference between this format and RSS, click this link:

Things are changing rapidly in the blogosphere and no telling what will happen next. Now there are pod casts for iPod and PDA users. It is exciting, and reminds me of the growth of the Internet in the early 1990s.

So, if you are standing on the sidelines, STOP it. Get involved. You have something to share and there are many among us who will read it. Just leave the Girls Gone Wild and profanity [bleep] off your blog.

Friday, July 29, 2005

How Did I Ever Get By Without This?

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Search It!

I discovered Search It! a few months ago, but I never really used it. I have started a new website and wanted to find keywords for optimizing my web pages. I tried going to Overture and Google and using their keyword tools. I was getting nowhere FAST.

I decided to try the free Search It! tool. You do not have to download and install anything. You just click the link and it opens a browser window with Search It! running.

You will see four dropdown menus:

Select a Search Category
Select a Search Type
Enter a Search Term.
Enter another Search Term (or other data depending upon the Search Category and Search Type selected).

Then you click Search It!.

While you are awaiting results, you are directed to a web page that teaches you about the search function you just used and suggests what you may do differently. There is a link at the bottom of the page that says "Please click here to see your search results." In just a moment, you have the data you need to make decisions about your site, your blog, your sales page or your concept.

When you are finished examining results, close that window and there is your Search It! tool, waiting to complete another task. You will probably find Search It! a little addicting. I searched hundreds of times today, just to see what was involved wiht all the different categories of searches. But, I think I learned more today about search engines than I knew from all the "how to" ebooks I have read and optimization software trials I used in the past 5 years.

You know what is funny? I stumbled on the local business angle. Want to know where to get a pedicure in a town you are visiting? How about pizza delivery to your hotel room? Need a taxi or limo? Search It! pulls up an entire directory of services you select, organized by geographic proximity to you.

I finally closed the Search It! tool as I was not getting anything else done. Well, I guess I should take that back... we did order pizza from a new restaurant and I did make an appointment for a spa pedicure.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

ICE : In Case of Emergency PSA

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Mobile phone users are being urged to enter a number in their phone's memory with the acronym ICE, for In Case of Emergency, with the contact person's name and number.

CBS news story on ICE

Paramedics or police would be able to swiftly to find the number and use it to reach a relative or friend who could help identify deceased victims and treat injured ones, by providing vital personal information, including details of any medical conditions.

The campaign was launched in May this year, but had limited impact until the first series of London blasts. Those explosions rendered many victims unidentifiable, which sparked an e-mail campaign to spread the ICE idea around the world.

ICE web site

Do it TODAY!

Congratulations to Guaranteed Results!

No comments: is celebrating One Year of Excellence in Advertising Starting Our 2nd Year in Advertising Excellence, built on Honesty, Ethics and Awesome Advertising Tools

I have been a member of this safelist since the beginning. The owner, Karen, is awesome and keeps adding new features to the safelist, especially for premium members. Free dowloads, free blasters, ffa, free classified submission, free solo ads ...

She setup a reminder system to remind members to send in their solo ad and classified monthly!! Karen set a blog up for members who were interested, which meant she had to learn how to code xml. This was in her spare time because she works as an nurse.

Consistently ranked in the top 5 of responsive safelists at TrafficHoopla, this is the only safelist you will ever need.

Congratulations on the one year anniversary, Karen, may you have many more.

Monday, July 25, 2005

eMarketing Blog Directory

No comments: is a relatively new directory of blogs about making money online, internet marketing, and working from home. Only marketing and home based business related blogs may be submitted.

Verification of blogs by the owners keeps the blog directory of high quality. As stated on their site "this directory is limited to blogs that contain real content!"

A link back to their site is required, but you will benefit from it as well. Submit your blog or search for a quality blog on the site.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Increase Traffic 5 Ways

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We are all trying to increase traffic (visitors) to our sites. More than traffic, we want visitors to bookmark our site, explore the different pages and, hopefully, sign up for our newsletter, buy our product or contact us for a bid for services.

These 5 tips were in a previous issue of Traffic Tips from TrafficZap.

1. Add interactive features to your site, such as guestbooks, message boards, online polls, postcard services, or chat rooms. These features increase the "stickiness" of your site, that quality that causes user retention ... in other words, repeat traffic.

2. Encourage your visitors to participate in the creation of your site. For example, add a classified ad section, or a links submission page, or a feedback form that allows users to post their comments.

3. Provide valuable information. This may sound like an obvious piece of advice, but it is surprising how many websites really don't offer much else than a glowing tribute to themselves. Do some digging, offer real information about the topic of your site, like recipes for a cooking site, or a photo swap service for an automotive site.

4. Add a sweepstakes, or prize draw, preferably by giving away something pertinent to your site. If you have a travel site, a digital map or a downloadable gift certificate could fit the bill.

5. Offer links to other sites that offer services you may not be able to provide. An example might be a link to a free search engine submitter for a webmaster-related site; or a link to a currency converter on a travel site; or a link to a mortgage calculator on a real estate site. It's amazing but true that people will remember your site as if you were actually providing the service.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Need an On-Line Assistant?

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Do you need a temporary or seasonal Internet assistant who is professional and experienced?

Please email with Assist Me as subject.

Services include answering client requests, preparing spreadsheets, presentations or other documents, workshop registration, travel arrangements, and Internet research.

Just for those times you need to be two places at once (or at least appear to be).


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tools You Can Use at CoolAdz

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New Tool Added: SearchIt!

FREE * High-Tech Tool * FREE

Search It! is the only e-commerce related search tool that you will ever need for instant information mining of the Web.

Leave Search It! running in an open browser window for every search you could ever want, prepackaged advanced searches, constantly updated content, and the most popular Search Categories!

Keyword Brainstorming * Keyword Research * Keyword Competition * Reference Library

Search It !

Saturday, July 9, 2005

Co-Op World Virtual Expo !!

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July 8th, 9 th & 10th 2005

Enjoy a Groundbreaking and Interactive Online Experience.

Join us for an exciting weekend as we celebrate the launch of our schedule of over
150 Virtual Expos such as Dogs, Gardening, Action Sports ....

* Learn from the experts in our Live and Recorded Seminars
* Network in our 14 Exhibitor Halls of Virtual Booths and unmanned Kiosks
* Have Fun with Competitions, Prize draws, Giveaways, and lots, lots more
* Save Time and Money: No Airline or Hotel Expenses and NO Admission Fees

Featuring :
* Small Business * Marketing * Self Help * Feng Shui * Numerology * Hobbies

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Safelist Marketing Success

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On March 17th 2005,TrafficHoopla celebrated two full years of testing safelists and publishing the weekly Safelist Report.

FACT: 95% of safelists are totally ineffective, meaning they NEVER have a single response from their members EVER . . .

Visit now for more information and free signup

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Make Your Knowledge Sell

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MYKS! is a comprehensive action plan... everything for starting and building a successful infobusiness... presented in a highly readable (even fun!) format, in step-by-step fashion... and it contains all this...

  • Make Your Knowledge Sell!
  • eBook Secrets
  • 186 Places to Promote and Sell...
  • 120 New Places...
  • Online Infoseller's Jump Start Kit
  • Special Report on Reprint Rights, including prototype legal agreement
  • Automation Manual with $500 coupon
  • A half-hour personal consultation with Monique Harris
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • "You Will Succeed" Guarantee

Download Your Success

Download a Free Book

No e-mail address required, no strings attached. Once you see how SiteSell OVERdelivers, you'll be 100% comfortable with all of our products.

Make Your Site SELL!

Make Your Site SELL!, generally accepted as the BIBLE of Net-selling, is now in its second edition! The greatly expanded and totally updated MYSS! 2002 is the ultimate "how to sell on the Net" reference book...

The MYSS! 2002 resource package contains seven comprehensive volumes. Your free MYSS! 2002 trial version offers a sampling of its four "content" volumes...

* Site-Selling

* Product Development and Positioning

* Store-Building-and-Selling, and

* Traffic-Building.

You will also receive the complete Table of Contents (wait until you see the entire scope of this book!), Index, and Glossary.

No book, no manual, no $1,000 training program comes close to MYSS! 2002 in showing you how to sell on the Web. From product to stores, from site-selling to traffic-building, it's all there.



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