Sunday, July 31, 2005

Blogging With the Best!

Have you discovered more and more blogs and met some truly talented people who are publishing their life stories and their artwork on the web? Blogging has become fashionable.

You will see some R-rates sites and a few that, if they were televised, would contain nothing but bleeps. Saddest of all are the abandoned blogs... where did the people go? Some had posts from friends saying that the blog owner was in Australia or on a buying trips, but a lot just sit there being unused. The date of the last post is most telling in determining blog status.

If you would like a blog of your own, just click the Blog This (top left corner). It really takes no time at all to setup your blog and then you may write your first blog post. Blogging is a great tool for marketers because the search engines love blogs. Your information will be found quicker than you can say "blog me." It is also a free resource for those marketers that do not have the inclination to build a big site.

There are different formats for the "feeds" or the output your visitor will see. Blogger content is atom.xml. If you would like RSS, you may have your atom.xml burned at FeedBurner. RSS seems to be the most readily acceptable feed - at this time. To see the difference between this format and RSS, click this link:

Things are changing rapidly in the blogosphere and no telling what will happen next. Now there are pod casts for iPod and PDA users. It is exciting, and reminds me of the growth of the Internet in the early 1990s.

So, if you are standing on the sidelines, STOP it. Get involved. You have something to share and there are many among us who will read it. Just leave the Girls Gone Wild and profanity [bleep] off your blog.

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