Monday, June 19, 2006

Its Click and Comment Monday All Day

On Mondays, Cat has Click & Comment Day. She posted this to remind you how important it is to comment on other blogs. It truly DOES increase your readership and you most often gain regulars that will visit your blog day after day.

What I encourage is for you to click my renter, which happens to be Cat. Then, you comment on the blog and click their renter or someone on their blogroll. Then you comment on that blog and click their renter or someone on their blogroll. Do this for as many blogs as you can. Sometimes they go full circle, and you end up at the originating blog, then just look up a blog in the blogroll and start the cycle again.

So, let’s get started! Comment here and I’ll either add your name and link to my post. I really encourage you to do this at least to 5 comments if you have ANY time at all. It will give you the joy of sharing a few of your opinions on posts and bring you future readers.

Thanks and enjoy Click & Comment Day!

Click and Comment Monday


Cat said...

GREAT to see you participate. Need help with Mister Linky or just prefer to grab comments?

Good to see you and I'm not clicking your renter since it's me...but I will attack your blogroll!

Happy C&C!

Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed my visit here, it's a great site. Look forward to returning and learning much more, with best wishes, The Artist

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by. Happy C&C!!!

One way to increase your readers is to link your post to someone you don't know and Ping Technorati.

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

I think it is really neat that you stop by and generate traffic that way. Thank you again for stopping by today.

BTW - I will email you the link I found about the cake/bread recipe.


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